ERO Gluing Systems offer a fully-equipped adhesive application system for your eco-friendly glue.

Ecological concerns are paramount in today's industrial environment. In the last years, ERO has developed an optimal solution for glue application with the smallest environmental impact. 

Compostable glue has proved to pay for itself. It is not as expensive as regular glue, it is eco-friendly, and it is appreciated by customers for its ecological values.


Affordable solution

Low investment brings high reliability and guaranteed performance.

Glue savings

The dot application mode allows up to 40% of glue savings while preserving the integrity of the bond.

Low maintenance

ERO electronic systems have less spare parts than other alternatives and require minimal cleaning.

Individual support

ERO's Technical Service is available to test your glue and calibrate your gluing systems according to it.


iPad Control Device  

Possibility to control everything remotely and to save data on the Cloud. Exchange information and data immediately and generate statistics to optimize production and to reduce waste and refuse.

Pressure Pump

High, medium or low pressure glue pumps can be calibrated according to the viscosity of your eco-friendly glue.

Ceramic Nozzle

ERO Ceramic nozzles avoid glue blockage and help to maintain the nozzle as clean as possible.


Improved moving and fixed anchor avoids typical problems that may occur when using biodegradable glue due its intrinsic features.


A double and deeper filtering device has been developed in order to prevent incidents associated to organic and compostable glue, often not so refined and filtered as the regular adhesive.

In ERO Gluing Systems we are working on two levels to promote environmental-friendly values:

1. Optimizing glue application and reducing glue usage.

2. Developing a specific system to work with fully compostable and biodegradable glue. 

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